words from patients

It’s not often I’d use the phrase life changing but coming to see Steph...proper changed my life! I came upon Steph through her wondrous massaging hands and ended up indelibly altered by her startling expertise, cavernous knowledge and deep love for what she does....helping you feel as amazing as a human can possibly feel, and then some.
Steph reconnected me with my sense of hunger and sense of thirst and even after the first visit and changes she made to my gut microbiome, I had profound results in weight (which wasn’t a goal, but a lush occurrence nonetheless), mental clarity, poop features and regularity, energy and motivation. I don’t know how many countless mates and family I’ve sent her way who inevitably end up raving about her and everyone who encounters her sparkling magic says the same thing! I am deeply indebted to Steph for everything she has taught me about my body, nutrition, sleep, probiotics and everything else...You’ve really got no choice but to get on board and be changed forever :)
— Andy
breakfast and a magazine
I was recommended Steph from a friend of mine and she was so great. She went above and beyond to help give me a holistic health plan that helped heal my guts and sort out energy levels. Even now that I’ve moved remote she has still been able to continue checking in with me online and sending supplements when I need them.
— Lilli