why are there two sessions?

the workshop is delivered for best results in two 90 minute sessions, ideally at between 20 and 25 weeks for the initial and a return session at closer to birth-time, ideally between 30-35 weeks. This is designed so that the initial session will workshop and develop techniques and strategies for supporting the pregnant human in labour, following which you can take these skills away and practice them. The second workshop will refine and revise your skill-set so you feel ready to go :)

How do I book?

As these sessions are 90 minutes long, you can’t book them online. Please text, call, use the online contact form or email me to book (see contact section at the bottom)!


90 minute initial & return workshop @ $190/$170 concession = $380/$340 concession total.

Who comes?

The pregnant human and their support person/people (whoever will be coming to the labour to support the pregnant human)

How will it work?

We will talk through the stages of labour and what to expect, what techniques we can use to massage and support natural pain relief through the stages, what to do if everything moves to a C-section (or sun-roof delivery as I like to call them; and yes, there are still massage techniques you can use!).