ZAZEN alkaline water

I am excited to announce that I have partnered with ZAZEN alkaline water to use and provide opportunity to buy their amazing water system at the clinic and at home!

These guys do an amazing job of filtering water but the most important part is the remineralisation - intracellular nutrition is paramount for optimal hydration and even if we are eating beautiful organic produce we are often lacking in essential minerals at a cellular level.

Basically, it alkalises, reduces flouride, reduces heavy metals, and provides nutrition at a cellular level. Plus, it’s truly delicious (wait until you have some then my waxing lyrical will make more sense!)

And, now they’re really looking good, they have a school program. In fact, that was the whole reason they were set up! They put free water systems into primary and special needs classrooms and provide the school with free replacement filters and resources on how to teach hydration to kids. Shining beacons of humanity, they are.

Check them out at or come in to the clinic and try some for yourself :)

zazen water crystal.png
Steph Lees