remedial therapy and you


Steph is committed to evidence-based practice of remedial therapy, with tailored treatments for each patient according to their body and their health needs.  She is genuine and accessible, with the ability to range from gentle to quite firm pressure in massage treatments.  Coming up to 15 years of remedial massage, Steph's experience is evident during consultations and allows her to provide effective and holistic treatments which work for you and your body. Steph is a long-term member of the Massage and Myotherapy Australia association, holds Cert IV in Swedish Massage, Diploma of Remedial Massage, Practitioner in Pregnancy Massage and first aid/CPR qualifications and full professional insurance and is committed to ongoing professional development. If your health fund covers remedial massage you can claim part of the cost of your consultations with Steph.

pregnancy massage australia
steph massaging
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prenatal and postnatal massage

massage during pregnancy is extremely helpful to reduce aches and pains associated with the amazing changes in your body, especially for pelvic girdle pain, carpal tunnel and more; as well as postpartum to speed recovery from birthing and reduce tension associated with carrying and feeding your mini human.  steph holds Practitioner in Pregnancy Massage certification from Pregnancy Massage Australia so you can feel confident you are in good hands!


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sports massage

steph can assist with general sports-related musculoskeletal tension as well as injury management and rehabilitative mobilisation and pain reduction.

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relaxation massage

massage has been a time-honoured stress-relief tool for centuries, rejuvenating body and mind


lymphatic massage

manual lymphatic drainage

this type of massage is performed without oil and works by encouraging the flow of lymphatic fluid around the body, which can assist in the reduction of fluid retention and is generally recommended post-mastectomy especially in the case of lymph node removal.